“Thank you for the amazing opportunity to be someone/something else for a little while! It’s very liberating…. You guys make it so comfortable and fun! I can’t wait to do it again!”

Ashley, model

The Body Art Kit-Tease Story

body artMy name is Ken K., founder of the bodypainting company Alternate RealiTease LLC, which began in 2012 with just a few photo shoots, a dream, and the desire to have fun creating stunning works of body art.

I’ve always been fascinated by the breathtaking visual of beautifully rendered bodypaint. After all, if you’re going to paint something, what’s better than the human body (a work of art already)? There’s something truly enchanting to see someone painted into a piece of art — something fantastic, wild, or sensual. Who can help but be enthralled? The process and the results are both enchanting to me – and I hope to you as well.

I brainstormed to come up with a theme for our budding bodypainting business and couldn’t deny the universal appeal of felines as a theme. It’s hard to dispute that a girl painted as a wild cat (or a cute kitty for that matter) doesn’t embrace something edgy, dangerous, and primal, and yet sexual and gorgeous at the same time. A catgirl somehow embodies both the savage and dangerous, and the adorable and inviting at the same time. It seems everyone likes the dichotomy for some reason – there’s an attraction to such contrast.Design7

Aside from the cat theme, we certainly didn’t want to limit ourselves or the art — so mixed in with our kitty girls you might see a fairy or two, a snake, bunny, or puppy; or even a fantasy queen, whimsical design, or some other surprise. I’d like to personally thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy our world and feel inspired enough to contact me. Welcome!

If you have the opportunity, please check out more of our work featured in Dark Lily Fantasy Art Magazine, 8th edition; Other World Fantasy Art Magazine, 3rd edition; Goregous Girls issue 13; and Fashion Bombshell Magazine, Bombshellicon 2016 issue. Our thanks to those publications for featuring our bodypainting.

And a special “thank you’s” to Shotcaller magazine, issue 1 for a special article; and Brandan O’Brien for featuring us on Reuters: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN0Q129V20150727





“I had never been fully body painted before, so naturally I was a little nervous going into my first shoot. I was immediately welcomed and felt extremely comfortable….The process was time consuming, but for a very good reason: they are amazing artists! They did a phenomenal job painting, it looked awesome! They made me feel like family….. They are very awesome to work with 🙂 When it came time for the photoshoot I was very involved with the process and any ideas I came up with were welcomed. I booked two more shoots with them and I very much look forward to going back! I would 100% recommend this to any models who are looking to spice up their portfolio and try out something new and fun! ”
Samm L, model

“Working with Kit-Tease is always a pleasure. A very down to earth, gifted artist who creates a work of art then takes amazing photographs. Each painting is done with unimaginable detail…. so when you are done you look truly flawless. It’s a great feeling to look and feel amazing. I find it very freeing. I’ve done about six and I am looking forward to many more unforgettable opportunities to flaunt this beautiful body art.”
K. M., model

“So glad I found kit-tease. They showed me their work and I was super intrigued!!! It was so much fun!! I’ve done countless shoots since and look forward to many more. Thank you kit-tease for this amazing experience. ”
Stephanie, model

“They are totally cool! At first I was hesitant, but OMG, was I wrong and glad to admit it! They are so cool to converse with…. they even ask us for ideas outright! OUT OF THIS WORLD (that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!). I see a lot of good things in the future.”

“My experience with Kit-Tease has been very positive. I think the concept is unique and fun…. a good number of high quality images. A lot of thought and effort has been put in the costumes and paint designs which show in the variety and details…. this is it.?


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